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John Mcleod and his team of professional punters have used data and expertise to consistently win on horse racing. After decades of success, the team are now willing to share their information and insights. 

 Tipsheets outline how we predict each race will pan out and exactly which horses we are betting on. Platinum level provides more extensive information including our rated prices. 

All subscriptions include pre-race yard assessments messages sent  via WhatsApp updating how the track is playing and identifying any late betting opportunities.

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About John Mcleod

John is a 4th generation Bookmaker, with his great-grandfather, grandfather Bill Mcleod, father John Mcleod Snr and himself all rails Bookmakers in their time. His other grandfather Reg Rowley was a prominent horse trainer, along with his uncle, Henry Davis from the infamous ‘GETTING CLOSER’ plunge. After selling his on-course bookmaking business, John started betting professionally. MacBet was created for the friends and punters that were asking for tips and information on race days.

Platinum Level

Platinum is primarily used by professional punters and racing authorities. Platinum includes race comments, top 4 selections, unit staking plan, best bets, best lays, exotics guide, speedmaps, value runners, settling positions, runner comments and expected race tempo.

The most valuable feature is the MacBet rated price which can be used to identify horses that are over or under the odds to back and lay. Pre-race audio messages are sent from the mounting yard via WhatsApp  before each race updating how the track is playing and identifying any late betting opportunities.

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