Why MacBet?

Meet John Mcleod

John is a 4th generation bookmaker, with his great-grandfather, grandfather, and father John Mcleod Snr all bookies in their day. After selling his successful on-course bookmaker business, John started betting professionally looking for angles and ways to remain profitable. Today he is known as one of the best judges in Queensland having earned the respect of the racing authorities, trainers, jockeys and punters in particular. MacBet clients have enjoyed consistent, achievable profitability on QLD racing over the past 10 years.

MacBet Results

Tom Henjak

Joined MacBet in 2021 and has been a great addition to the team. He ditched his accounting career to pursue the punt full-time and hasn't looked back.

Brad Mcleod

Brad's expert knowledge has boosted the Mcleod family business for years going back to the early on-course bookie days with John and John Snr.

Brodie King

Coming from an Engineering background, Brodie joined the team in 2021 with a heavy focus on speedmaps and data.

James Milner

Works in Marketing and runs our website and socials. When you get in contact with us you will likely be speaking with James. 

Our Story

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