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Where can I find the latest results for MacBet?

Historical results can be seen our Results page. We update our running profit/loss table monthly to give a true reflection on how MacBet is going. Our profitability and long term winning results have stood the test of time.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

If you cancel your subscription, your access to the ‘My MacBet’ panel will be removed. In doing so, you also forfeit anything remaining on the subscription duration until next time payment was required.

What is a ‘Unit’?

Instead of speaking in dollar figures when discussing results or recommending how much to bet, we use the term “Unit”. A Unit is different for every punter and could be $5 or $500 depending on your bankroll size and level of risk. For example: If we recommend betting 2 units on a horse to win, a $10 per Unit punter would bet $20 on that runner to win. As a general rule of thumb, the maximum bet we will place on a horse is 4 Units.

What time are tips sent out?

All recurring and one-off subscribers will be able to download tips under the “My Downloads” area before 10am on your chosen race day. Times will vary for our Hong Kong Service. An email will be sent out when tips are ready for each meeting.

Why can’t I see today’s tips?

If you are seeing an outdated download under the “My Downloads” tab then tips for the day are not ready yet. If you are not seeing any download options at all please double check the status of your subscription or contact us.

What is the best win product to take, tote, top fluc or fixed?

We advise all our subscribers to take Fixed Price as the preferred win option, when applicable.

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